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Let the Creative Energy Surge through You.

Introduction to Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese word describing Universal Life Force Energy. The life force that surrounds us and flows through all that is alive. Although evidently originated in ancient Tibet, this natural healing art was revived over a century ago in japan by Dr. Mikao Usui.
Increasingly scientific research supports what some of us already know through experience and intuition: that the origin of imbalance or illness is often emotional (blocks held in the body). When energy flow is blocked, as is so often the case, imbalance leading to disharmony and disease occurs.
It is ancient knowledge that emotional and spiritual healing, especially through energy/body work, is highly effective as a preventive and therapeutic tool.
Reiki is an integrated system of healing working on all levels of being- body, mind, emotions and spirit. Reiki is gentle, non-invasive, yet powerful in its effectiveness. It addresses not only the symptom but also cause of disease, so that we can release it and heal it. It is not a religion or a belief system.
We are working with Love energy.
Reiki can neither harm nor does it conflict with other therapies such as psychotherapy, natural remedies or treatments or medical procedures. In fact, it complements them.
The wonder of Reiki is its simplicity. The real difference is in the 'Attunement" (also known as initiation) process, which the student experiences at the various levels of the Reiki course.

First Degree Reiki

During the first-degree seminar approx. 14-16 hours spread over a period of 2 days. A series of four attunements are given by a traditional Reiki Master. In this process, certain energy centers, also known as 'chakras', are opened to enable the person to channel (and vibrate) a higher amount of Universal Life Force Energy.
After this, one can lay his/her hands on another person and transfer Reiki to help accelerate the healing process. The other person draws in just the right amount of this life force energy that he/she needs to absorb, activate or to transform the energy of the physical, mental and etheric bodies.

Second Degree Reiki

Our experiences with Reiki can be further taken to greater heights by learning the Second degree which provides the participant with an opportunity to attune to higher levels of Reiki energy. The initiations of second degree also attune a person to the power keys or symbols, which are used at this level to perform absentee and a stronger form of mental/emotional healing.
Reiki second degree helps us to perform absentee healing, thus enabling the energy to flow beyond space and time to heal persons, objects, desires, intentions, situations and relationships. At this level one begins to wake up to further dimensions of one's higher self.
Once a person has been opened up to become a 'channel' for Reiki, concentrated life energy will flow through his hands on its own accord and he will retain this ability for the rest of his life.

Reiki: Healing with a Difference:

A Reiki channel is only mere channel to pass the vital energy. Thus, he would neither acquire the other person's disease nor pass any of his sickness to the other. When you attempt to heal the other person, you as a channel would be healing yourself.
Reiki healing does not require equipment or any other accessories, reagents, oils etc.
A pair of hands and a willingness to heal is all that is required. It neither involves difficult techniques nor superior knowledge to learn and practice Reiki.
The Reiki healer does not get exhausted after several healing sessions, because the healer is continuously receiving the life energy from the universe, which the channels to the healee.

Who will Benefits:

  • done_allHouse Wives:
    Can learn to help husband, children and other members in the family. Can learn to heal relationships with friends, neighbors and in-laws. Can also engage in healing sessions. Infants, babies, children can be treated with Reiki even by a first degree Reiki channel.

  • done_allStudents:
    Can overcome fears, phobias and confusions. Power of concentration and memory increases. Helps in taking decision, improving self-confidence, awareness and communication power. Second degree helps to program Reiki for exams and interview.

  • done_allAdolescents:
    They can overcome hormonal imbalances & sexual problems. Relationship with parents, teachers and others can be balanced.

  • done_allElderly people:
    All body aches and pains can be released, thus minimizing the intake of medicines. Relationship with others can be healed.

  • done_allElderly people:
    All body aches and pains can be released, thus minimizing the intake of medicines. Relationship with others can be healed.

  • done_allHead of Organizations/Entrepreneurs:
    Ability to manifest your goals and achievement of greater productivity through work force. Accomplishment of congenial work environment.


Reiki works on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

It promotes healing, increases concentration.

Reiki relieves aches and

Reduces stress and increases

lIncreases energy and

Creates inner harmony and

Releases emotional and mental

Promotes calmness and

Loosens blocked

lCan be used on pets,
plants as well.

Promotes a loving and
gentle spirit.

Brings joy and centering to the healer and the healee.

Works on healing relationships. It accelerates the body's natural ability to heal physical symptoms.

lPromotes emotional and psychological well being and creates peace of mind.

It promotes communication, confidence & memory power.

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