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Happiness is a state of mind enjoyed and much yearned by all. We often hear “HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE”, but we sadly fail to make that choice.

Ever thought… What is the barrier in making that choice?

Its nothing but our lifestyle and priorities. We tend to procrastinate the happiness in the want of more and bigger ones. In this process of “ Yeh Dil Maange More” we ignore many opportunities and assets to relax and rejoice the present moment... our healthy body being one of them.

This leads to a disturbed state of mind. And we still feel that the work must go on even if health does not permit. Why? Simple answer is to achieve:

  • done_allDomestic Targets
  • done_allCommercial Targets
  • done_allSocial Targets
  • done_allBusiness Targets
  • done_allParenting Targets

The happiness gets drowned in the whirlpool of achieving targets than to surface itself on our lives continously.

How to balance it all? How to live happily?

“SPOT HAPINESS” Catch it and live it.

It takes just a minute to enjoy and rejoice. We have engineered our own circuit of fears around our actions. We need to rewire the thought patterns with the real facts to Live and enjoy life to the fullest. Lets check it out where we need the change…

Fear: We may lose focus on work if we laugh/ smile heartily.
Fact: You focus better after fuelling the mind in happiness.
Fear: People may think, “I am casual towards my work”.
Fact: The results speak more than words.
Fear: The effect is short lived.
Fear: The effect is long lasting and work efficiency increases.
Fear: I may end up in disappointment.
Fact: You have moments to reflect on with smile in solitude.

Go choose one of these and earn at least two minutes of happiness:

  • done_allSwitch on your favourite music.
  • done_allMake a call to your friend.
  • done_allSing your favourite song.
  • done_allDance that signature step you tried last time in the party.
  • done_allAdmire yourself in the mirror.
  • done_allGive a long hug to your parents/ children/ spouse for no reason.
  • done_allCrack the craziest jokes within your group.
  • done_allJump and clap your hands 20 times.

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